Contest for innovations in fields of Biology and Biotechnology

Deadline of application submission has been postponed  to October 30th

Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) of Ilia State University announces contest in fields of Biology and Biotechnology to reveal successful inventions with high commercialization potential.

TCO was founded with financial support of CRDF/GRDF by grant obtained from DTRA program “Peer Review and Sustainable Science for Georgia Technology Commercialization Office (TCO)”

Winners will receive

  • Reimbursement of their Patent filing cost
  • Support for commercialization, including but not limited to : marketing the technology,  searching for a company in Georgia and USA for licensing the technology and assisting licensing negotiation and signing the agreement between TCO, inventors and licensee.


Application can be submitted by any citizen of Georgia, who has interesting invention in fields of Biology and/or Biotechnology.

Applicant(s) should fill in “new invention disclosure form” ( To dowload forms klick these links- Georgian and English) and together with CVs (in Georgian and in English) send to TCO

Application submission deadline is October 30th, 20:00.

Contest consists of two stages:

  1. At the first stage applications will be selected on the basis of peer review of submitted documents. Results will be announced on December 15th, 2015
  2. At the second stage, preselected applicants will be asked to make a presentation about their inventions. Presentations will take place at TCO, in January of 2016.

Projects will be selected by TCO staff, TCO advisory board and TCO mentor from the USA.

Selection criteria will include but not limited to :

  1. Original idea in the field of Biology and Biotechnology
  2. Can receive patentability opinion
  3. No prior art or not invented before
  4. Innovative and non obvious  and
  5. Available for commercialization

Winners will be announced in February of 2016.

In case of questions, please contact :

K. Cholokashvili ave, 3/5

Ilia State University, Building E, Room 101

Tel: 2 29 39 85


Good Luck !